Residential Services


Our residential pest programs are built to fit the needs of the individual customer in the most effective way possible. By using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we are identifying the problem, the cause of the issue, and using the least amount of chemical while maximizing the results. Our technicians take the time to get to know our customer, give recommendations, discuss prevention steps and explain the chosen method of treatment.

As the leading pest control company in the Northwestern Ontario region, we are consistently educating our staff on the most effective, current Pest Control practices available to satisfy our customers.

Drain Fly

Most times Drain Flies are a cleanup problem where professionals are not required. Drain Flies require a source to reproduce, source being an area where decomposing organic materials are found. E.g. Damp rags/mops, plumbing leaks, plumbing drains (most times rarely used fixtures or basement floor drains,) over watered house plants, stagnant water. Adult drain flies are small, fuzzy, dark colored insects with the body and wings densely covered with hairs. Their wings appear large for their body, are held roof like over the body when at rest, giving them a moth like appearance. They are weak fliers and fly only a few feet at a time. Where sources are cleaned up and removed the problem will generally be resolved.