Residential Services


Our residential pest programs are built to fit the needs of the individual customer in the most effective way possible. By using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we are identifying the problem, the cause of the issue, and using the least amount of chemical while maximizing the results. Our technicians take the time to get to know our customer, give recommendations, discuss prevention steps and explain the chosen method of treatment.

As the leading pest control company in the Northwestern Ontario region, we are consistently educating our staff on the most effective, current Pest Control practices available to satisfy our customers.


German Cockroaches (Pictured) are the most common found in Northwestern Ontario. Cockroaches tend to infest kitchens, food storage areas, bathrooms, but are capable of living in any portion of a heated structure. German Cockroaches develop rapidly under suitable conditions, are more active at night and if noted during the daylight hours is a sure sign of high numbers. Nymphs are dark brown to black in color, with distinct dark parallel bands running the length of the pronotum. Nymphs do not possess wings. The Adult is 10 to 15 mm long, brown to dark brown in color with two distinct parallel bands running the length of the pronotum.