Commercial Services


At Nor West Pest Control, you can feel confident that our “Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario” registered company’s goal is to take care of your business as if it were our own. With over 20 years in the pest management industry, Nor West Pest Control professionals know that every business is different. Our pest management programs are designed to fit your needs using the fundamentals of Integrated Pest Management and supported by the highest quality training.

Nor West Pest Control is committed to offering solutions with the best results available, from customized pest management programs to a variety of bird and wildlife control, odour control and washroom services.

Bird Control

Bird control is a challenging process for both the pest control operator as well as the building owner. However, with proper exclusion measures taken, we can ensure that winged intruders never find a way into your business or eliminate any existing issues you may have.

When responding to a bird infestation, Nor West Pest Control technicians adopt proper safety measures to avoid exposure to potentially harmful droppings or animals. For this reason, we suggest that individuals do not attempt bird/excrement removal, and to instead contact one of our licensed professionals for assistance.